Mexico only ever showed me love through the families that embraced me, the friends that laughed with me, the young women making a difference in their communities, and the man who made me fall in love with love again.  I hope that somehow we can return the favor to our neighbors and show them all the love they have shown us and bring back together those families, including my future family, who have been torn apart by all this misunderstanding and hate.


Divided Family

These two Mexican-American boys have lived the majority of their lives in the US. Now they reside in Mexico, where they struggle with the Spanish language and hope to return to the US and see their mother soon.


My Family Spans Three Countries

America is a country of immigrants. My wife is Australian, I’m a US citizen and we live in the Netherlands. Our grandchildren are Dutch citizens. Our elderly parents, 91 and 88 years old, live in Australia and America.

For 13 years my wife was prevented from living with me in America by the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a discriminatory law that was declared unconstitutional in 2013.

I don’t want a wall separating my family or any other family.

Martha McDevitt-Pugh

We’re all in this together

There appears to be two prevailing worldviews dominating American political discourse today; one group holds an “Us versus them” worldview, and the other is “We’re all in this together, so we need to work it out.”

The first worldview, us vs. “them”, is driven by fear. Whenever this view has been implemented as policy, is has led directly to conflict and war.

The other worldview, that we’re all in this together, leads to peace and prosperity. It doesn’t ignore the fact that there are differences between groups of people, but rather, as Sargent Shriver said long ago;

Peace requires the simple but powerful recognition that what we have in common as human beings is more important and crucial than what divides us.

This site is a great reflexion of valuing community over self, and the desire to work with one-another towards shared values and goals.


Children of the Pachamama

Mexico has shared her beautiful knowledge of medical plants with me, reminding me of the importance of human connection to the earth. We are all children of the Pachamama.



I teach 6th grade

And I have students who don’t know who will take care of them if their parents get picked up by ICE. Build bridges for families to feel safe… the bridge needs to be a safe and sane path to citizenship.