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Across the United States, American citizens are forced underground, exiled abroad and separated from their spouses for a surprising reason. Amor and Exile is the story of American citizens who fall in love with undocumented immigrants only to find themselves trapped in a legal labyrinth, stymied by their country’s de facto exclusion of their partners.

Helen Thorpe, author of Just Like Us: The True Story of Four Mexican Girls Coming of Age in America, had this to say about Amor and Exile: “Beautifully told love stories that illuminate the many ways in which immigration can enrich our lives.” (More endorsements of Amor and Exile: True Stories of Love Across America’s Borders can be found on our “Reviews” page)

Journalist Nathaniel Hoffman visited both sides of the border to document the lives of these couples caught in the crossfire of America’s high stakes political fight over immigration. In his disarming and precise style, Hoffman also traces the historical relationship between immigration, love and marriage. Lending an authentic voice to Amor and Exile, coauthor Nicole Salgado delivers a searing first-person account of life in the U.S. with her husband while he was undocumented, her tortured decision to leave the country with him, and their seven years of exile and starting over together in Mexico.

Amor and Exile tells of love that transcends borders—a story shared by hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizenscutting through the immigration debate rhetoric and providing a courageous perspective for one of the most vexing policy problems of our time.

Copyright © 2013 by Nathaniel Hoffman and Nicole Salgado

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First edition published May 31, 2013
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ISBN-13: 978-0615824062 | ISBN-10: 061582064
Library of Congress Control Number: 2013909745
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