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Reader reviews affect the Amazon discoverability algorithm and Amazon rankings. High quality reviews help readers find good reads.

When you review Amor and Exile, on Amazon and elsewhere online (Facebook! Twitter! Your blog!), more people are able to see our book, read it and take action. Amazon reviews and other online endorsements are the best way to ensure that Amor and Exile will  have a lasting impact on our broken immigration system.

Reader reviews are essential currency for independent authors; you, our readers, are the best ambassadors for the message of Amor and Exile. We greatly appreciate your reviews! So please leave one today.

Where to review:

Amazon reviews: To review the Kindle and print versions of Amor and Exile on, click here. (The two versions are now linked, so you only have to review once!)

To review Amor and Exile on, click here and scroll down.

Please rate and comment on other people’s Amor and Exile reviews as well. You can also recommend the book on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and especially on your own blog! Please tag us or let us know in some way so that we can acknowledge your review!

Tips on crafting high-quality book reviews for Amazon reviews and other endorsements:

  • Read other reviews first.
  • Describe what you like/or didn’t like about the book
  • Would you recommend the book and if so why?

Thanks for taking the time to review our book and increase our reach in the literary world and in the political arena as well.

Some of the great Amazon reviews already posted:

“This riveting book gives the reader a more personal view of the impact of our immigration policies on families.” — aekdenver

“The style is engaging; I found myself caring deeply about these people. This book is a must-read at this time when immigration reform is being debated in Congress.” — Vida Kenk

“No matter where you stand on immigration reform, this book is incredibly helpful to understanding a little known issue in the immigration world. Who knew marrying a US citizen did not guarantee legal status in the US?” — Heather

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