Food, A Universal Language of Family & Love

Food is a universal language that everyone shares.  A language of family and love that spans generations and borders.  It can evoke a memory from just an aroma.

From the minute I tasted my Mexican-American mother-in-law’s tamales, then ‘pink’ cookies and pan dulce, I was hooked.  And she loved the food she could share in New York – sweet corn, iced animal crackers, and coonies (or white hots).

Over the course of our marriage, I’ve made various Mexican dishes and dined in numerous Mexican restaurants, making memories with family and friends.

Now my daughter is the expert Mexican cook in the family; author of her own regional cookbook about Querétaro.

For Christmas I gave my co-workers copies of Nicole’s recipe book.  It has sparked interest and conversation about the food, the ingredients,Querétaro and México in general.  I hope sharing that book about food has led to a greater appreciation of a different culture.


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