A little goes a long way

I would have never thought that almost three years after my Peace Corps service, now back in the US, that I would still be volunteering with the same young women in Mexico as part of a non profit, Mariposas, that another Returned Peace Corps Volunteer founded. Part of Mariposas programs includes providing college scholarships to young women in Mexico. You see the immediate impact it has on their lives and in their communities. When I asked Citlally, one of the scholarship recipients studying dental hygiene, what is her plan after school she responded to open up a practice in her community and help others there maintain good oral hygiene. All of the young girls provide a similar response of wanting to give back and help improve their community. The struggles that these young women face and the motivation and determination that they have to give back no matter how few resources they may have has inspired me and made me a more compassionate person.


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